We value our human resources capitals and the company is committed to offer equal opportunity in all phases of employment. Our company will provide promotion opportunities to employees for personal growth and development by rewarding employees with careers when vacancies are made available.

1.Sales Manager/Sales Engineer:

1) Responsible for the sales of the company's evaporator, condenser, heat exchanger and other heat exchangers.
2) Responsible for the maintenance and establishment of customer relationships, order management and remittance work, and continuously improve sales performance;
3) Collect information on the refrigeration market in a timely manner to understand industry trends and the development of new products in the industry.
4) Responsible for the research of the refrigeration market and the organization of related exhibitions, identifying/developing/cultivating new customers, and establishing a good supply-demand relationship.
5) Understand the needs of potential customers and the information of competitors, and actively seek and broaden new application areas of products.
6) Complete the sales plan and targets issued by the company.


1) College degree or above, majoring in refrigeration, thermal energy and power engineering, marketing, machinery, etc.;
2) Experience in sales, procurement, R&D in the refrigeration or machinery industry is preferred.
3) Outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression skills, strong communication skills and communication skills, and affinity;
4) Love sales work, have a strong enterprising spirit, and have the ability to work independently; have the ability to mobilize and coordinate various resources to open up new customers and new markets
5) Basic business and English reading comprehension skills, proficient in using computer common office software;
6) Broad thinking; honest, responsible, dedicated; healthy and able to adapt to business trips.

2.Auxiliary worker:

1)Mechanical auxiliary positions, easy to work;
2)18-45 years old, junior high school degree and above, work hard and hardworking;
3)No restrictions on work experience;

3.Skilled worker:

1)including welder (argon arc welder, copper welder, aluminum welder), fitter, painter, CNC ,etc.
2)18-45 years old, the skilled workers can be relaxed; junior high school degree and above, work hard and hardworking;


1)Salary is negotiable; 2)Five social insurances and housing fund, paid annual leave, paid sick leave, supplementary medical insurance; 3)High temperature subsidies, quarterly benefits, working meals, monthly bonuses, festival fees, year-end bonuses, annual physical examinations, etc. 4)No dormitories.